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"If you are not sparkling, then what the heck are you doing?"

Kevin Garcia Designer
1860 N Rock Springs Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Mobile: (404)-502-7505

Meet Kevin

Clothing design runs in my blood. My grandfather was a renowned swimsuit designer for Catalina®, and he trained me during my early years. I came into the horse show business through my husband, Brian Isbell Garcia, and I taught myself about horse show clothing design. I made my first outfit for Vicki Holt in 2000. I created Kevin Garcia Originals with the goal to provide top-quality horse show clothing to our clients at the best prices. We want to make sure that our customers get the utmost comfort with a great look when they put on our clothing. All the designs we make are totally handmade, and we put our customers’ interests before anything else; that’s why our custom-made pieces are quite famous among horse show enthusiasts. One thing that sets us apart from other horse show clothing "brands" is that we offer the original owner free repairs for the life of each outfit. Contact us or use the "Custom KGO" button above to order your next custom #KGO piece!